Volunteers are a vital part of our organization and help bring the people we serve and their communities together. We have a volunteer opportunity to meet just about any interest or talent including.

  • Board or Committee Members – Consider sitting on our Board of Directors or on one of our many Board Committees.
  • Friendly Visitor / Leisure Pal – Spend time with someone just being a friend. Share activities that you both enjoy – take a walk, go out for coffee or just visit.
  • Share A Skill – Share a special talent or skill with a person or people we support, their families or our staff and other volunteers. The sky is the limit!
  • Office Support – Help out at one of the Community Living Trent Highlands offices.


To become a volunteer you must successfully complete the following steps. These steps have been put into place both to protect the people we support and to ensure the best possible volunteer experience for you.

Step 1 – Complete and submit our volunteer application form

By filling in the application, you agree to:

  • Give us a Vulnerable Persons Check done by a local law enforcement agency.
  • Provide two references (not family members).
  • Sign a confidentiality statement (see Step 4).
  • Attend volunteer orientation and training.

Step 2 – After reviewing your application, we will call you to arrange a screening interview.

Step 3 If you succeed in Steps 1 and 2, we invite you to attend volunteer orientation and training.

Step 4 – We require you to sign a statement of confidentiality. By signing a statement of confidentiality, you agree to keep confidential all information about staff, other volunteers, the people we support and the business of Community Living Trent Highlands.

Step 5 You join our team and prepare yourself for fun, friendship and fulfillment!


Community Living Trent Highlands volunteers have:

  • The right to be treated as a colleague (not just ‘free help’).
  • The right to a suitable assignment that (with consideration of personal preferences, temperament, life experience, education, employment background and availability).
  • The right to know about Community Living Trent Highlands (its policies, its people, its programs).
  • The right to be ready for the job at all time (a follow-up to initial orientation; information about new developments; training for greater responsibility).
  • The right to sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced, patient, well-informed and thoughtful, and has the time to invest in giving guidance.
  • The right to promotion and to a variety of experiences (through advancement; through transfer from one activity to another; through special assignments).
  • The right to be heard, to feel free to make suggestions and to have an honest opinion respected.


For more information please contact:

Lisa Corp
Outcomes Facilitator/ Student and Volunteer Coordinator
Community Living Trent Highlands – Peterborough
223 Aylmer Street, Peterborough, ON K9J 3K3
Tel (705) 743-2411, ext. 527
Email: lcorp@clth.ca