Hire a Person With a Disability


Local businesses and employers are vital in creating and promoting opportunities for people in our community who are living with a developmental disabilities. Local employers provide training, work and volunteer experience and employment opportunities to the people we serve. To view a list our current employment partners, please click here.


There are many benefits to partnering with Community Living Trent Highlands.

We can help find good employees

  • No matter what the position, we have people who can do the job for you.
  • We have a largely untapped market of hard working, dedicated and reliable employees.

You receive value-added for your business by hiring employees who have a disability

  • Your inclusion will make an impression on your customers.
  • Your participation strengthens your position in the community as a “leader by example.”

We make hiring easy for you

  • We pre-screen potential employees for you. No matter what position you need to have filled, we’ll help you find the right employee.
  • It’s no different than hiring anyone else suitable for the job – it’s just a matter of focusing on people’s abilities.

We work with you

  • Community Living Trent Highlands has proven expertise in matching potential employees to your meet business needs.
  • We provide support systems for both you and your employees, which make hiring easier; we can even help you to access additional resources.

We work with your employees providing

  • On-site job training and coaching for your new employee.
  • Disability-awareness training for your existing staff and ongoing support for you – for as long as you need us.

Read more about our employment programs here.


A DuPont study showed that:

  • Employers rated 97% of workers with disabilities as average or above average in terms of safety.
  • On average, people with disabilities have better attendance rates than their non-disabled counterparts.

A Harris study showed that:

  • 33% of employers say people with disabilities work as hard as other employees; 46% of employers say people with disabilities actually work harder.
  • 920 employers found 88% of workers with disabilities earned performance ratings of good or excellent.

Read more in this article, Myths about Hiring People with Disabilities.


For more information about providing employment and volunteering opportunities to the people we serve, please contact our office closest to you.

To view a list our current employment partners, please click here.