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Connex is our fee for service day program, offering participants of all skills and ability levels the opportunity to access meaningful social, recreational and leisure activities within a safe, staff-supported environment. Activities are offered both in-house and in the community, and are based on the interests of participants.

Services Accessed by Contacting Us

Youth Engagement

The Youth Engagement program offers year-round opportunities for young people who are attending high school – regardless of their abilities – to participate in community events and social, leisure activities and life skills activities.

Job Quest

Job Quest is an employment centre that offers specialized supports and services. Job Quest staff help people living with a disability or other impairment to find and keep a good job while assisting employers to find, train and keep reliable and skilled workers.

Respite Worker Registry

The Respite Worker Registry is a directory of screened caregivers who provide family respite. The registry is available to anyone in the community who is looking for a respite worker/caregiver.

Services Accessed by Contacting DSO (Developmental Services Ontario)

Building Bridges

Building Bridges helps young people (17.5 to 21 years of age) living with a developmental disability to plan for the transition from high school to life in their community after graduation.


Foundations helps young people (aged 21 to 28 years) who live with a developmental disability to transition from high school to living on their own.

Life Share

Life Share (previously Home Share) offers an alternative to the adults we support who find it difficult or lonely to live on their own.

Community Participation

Community Participation (CP) supports people living with a developmental disability to make choices in their community that are meaningful, enjoyable and consistent with their personal goals, while giving them the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and feel like a part of the community.

Community Homes

Community Homes provide accommodation and supports to adults living with a developmental disability through a 24 hour staffing model, based on an Individual Support Plan

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