Family Supports

The Family Supports program helps the families of children and young people who live with a developmental disability.

Family Supports works with families to ensure that each child maximizes learning, develops friendships and is part of the life of their school and community. During the years from 14 to 28 specific focus is given to the transitions from childhood to adolescence, and adolescence to adulthood and independence.

Family Supports Workers help families by offering such services as:

  • Providing information about community resources and services.
  • Making referrals to other community organizations.
  • Assisting with funding applications to such programs as Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities and Passport.
  • Bringing parents together to support one another.
  • Providing help and information to parent groups.
  • Advocating on behalf of people and their families as needed, particularly in schools and the community.
  • Helping families to find support in the community.
  • Helping families of students to put together their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

We also provide the Our Families are Strong private Facebook support group for the parents and caregivers of people living with a developmental disability. Opportunities for families to learn, connect and share are offered through a private online Facebook group and educational events in the community. For more information about Our Families are Strong please click here.


For more information about the Family Supports program please contact us.

For more information about Our Families are Strong please click here.

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