Employment Services

Employment services assist people living with a developmental disability to succeed in the workplace.

Support is provided based on individual abilities, interests and goals, and can include help with employment planning, resumes and interviewing, job readiness and skills training. On-the-job training and support as well as employer assistance and education may also be provided.

Employment supports are provided through a number of our programs including Community ParticipationSupported Independent Living and Foundations.


In Peterborough, the Small Business Resource Centre provides a workforce to Peterborough companies for long and short-term contracts, and the opportunity for people living with a developmental disability to share profits by working on contracts for local businesses.
An important initiative of the Small Business Resource Centre is Blueboxing@Trent, an environmental partnership with Trent University in Peterborough. The blueboxing team works alongside student volunteers, dedicating their time to recycling, composting and facilitating sustainable initiatives.
For more information about the Small Business Resource Centre please contact our Peterborough office.



Personnel Plus assists people to secure employment within the city and county of Peterborough. We provide on-the-job training and follow-up to ensure employee success and employer satisfaction. For more information about Personnel Plus please contact our Peterborough office.



Job Quest helps people who have a disability or other impairment to find and keep a good job while assisting employers to find, train and keep reliable and skilled workers. Job Quest provides its services the City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton and Peterborough.
For more information about Job Quest, please visit our website. Job Quest is a division of Community Living Trent Highlands.