Early Childhood Resource Program

Early Childhood Resource Consultants assist children zero to twelve years of age who have identified delays in development.

The Consultants work closely with families, licensed child care centres, recreational programs and schools to encourage the child’s development through everyday activities.

Early Childhood Resource Consultants help out with speech and language, fine and gross motor skills and emotional, cognitive and sensory development.

Activities are designed by our Consultants to help each child grow and learn. The activities are play-based and take place where the child is – at home, at day care, at school. For example, at home, the Early Childhood Resource Consultant helps parents to fit developmental activities into routines and play time.

In addition to working with children, the Early Childhood Resource Consultants provide support to the child’s family. These supports include:

  • Helping families to find out about and use community information and services.
  • Arranging supports and services to the family and child.
  • Advocating on behalf of the child and family.
  • Offering support at meetings (e.g., IPRC meetings).
  • Sharing information and resources.


For more information about the Early Childhood Resource Program, please contact Rose McHugh at (705) 328-0464, ext. 246.