Respite Worker Registry


The respite worker registry is a directory of screened workers who provide family respite. The registry is available to anyone in the community who is looking for a respite worker/caregiver.

Respite Worker Registry helps families to find suitable respite workers. The respite worker is employed by the family; the family and worker decide together hours of work, what the worker will do and how much the worker will be paid.


Our application is available as a PDF document. Click on the link below to download.

Once you have finished filling out the application, please send it to:

Rose McHugh
Community Living Trent Highlands
Suite 200, 205 McLaughlin Road
Lindsay, Ontario K9V 0K7
Phone: (705) 328-0464, ext 246
Fax: 705-328-0495

You can also drop off the form to one of our administrative offices.


For more information, visit our services section or contact Rose McHugh as listed above.

If you are a family member who would like to access a worker through the registry, visit our Respite sectionClick here to download the family brochure.

RESPITESERVICES.COM gives families online access to agencies and workers providing respite services in Ontario.To access information for the Haliburton/Kawartha/Peterborough/Northumberland area, click here. is also on Facebook. Choose your link to access their Facebook page: