Looking Back & Forward – Thoughts from the Executive Director

Who can believe that our first year is part of the history books. We became new agency made up of the three on April 1, 2017. Now here it is the summer of 2018 and we have come so far.

We have taken the first year to really get to know one another, understand the communities that are new to us and reflect on what it means to be of this size and this diversity. We continue to learn and grow together. We have celebrated our one year birthday party, held our first Annual General Meeting and celebrated all of the holidays and special events in between, together.  As an agency we have moved our new found stability and foundation, and have made some great gains in expanding our services and offering support or increased supports to people in every community.

The new Community Living Trent Highlands website, CLTH.ca, is visually appealing, easy to navigate and full of great information and news to celebrate. Please take the time to linger and learn more about all that we do and are planning in all three of our diverse communities.

There is so much to reflect on from our past year together, and now we look forward to a bright future. We face a change in the provincial government and we expect that we will work closely together with our new Minister of Community Social Services, as we have in the past.

As an agency the future will be less about where we came from and more about where we are going. The board will be engaging in its first strategic planning this fall, the agency is going through visioning exercises at all levels, and we are embracing further opportunities to expand and partner in all areas. We are set to chart a course the sets a direction for the next number of years, set clears aspirations and continue to challenge us to move toward a more inclusive, vibrant and affirming community made richer by the contribution and acknowledgment of everyone’s unique gifts.

Teresa Jordan

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