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Good News from Peterborough – Russell’s Excellent Adventure

One of Russell’s greatest passions is the game of baseball. He has been to see the Blue Jays play in Toronto, and has another trip planned to take in a game this summer.

Little did Russell know, however, that awesome baseball happens right here in Peterborough. Staff accompanied Russell to Bowers ball diamonds recently to watch High Voltage and Aggression play their hardest, with the winners claiming 1st place spot in the league.

When Russell arrived to the game, Voltage was down runs in the first inning. Russell showed up with his ‘can do’ attitude to cheer them on to victory. Russell yelled “GO, GO, GO” at the crack of the bat, cheering on the team and clapping his hands as they were ran the bases. Russell could be heard saying “Come on, Robbie Ward!” as he pitched to the opponents.

Russell loved watching left centre fielder Eric Post diving to catch the ball, yelling “GOOD, ERIC!” Three home runs were hit by Voltage that evening with the team – including Russell – doing their high five ritual after each run.

Everyone on the team, spectators included, was instantly taken by Russell’s amazing personality and positive demeanor. High Voltage called Russell their good luck charm and invited him to come back to watch them play anytime. A huge thank you to the gentlemen (in the photo) for making Russell feel like a part of the team. He told staff, friends – and anyone he could – about how much fun he had, showing them his photo. What a phenomenal evening for an phenomenal person. Way go to Russ!

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