Good News from Haliburton – Summer Sun & Friendship

Summertime makes staying in touch with school friends a challenge. But this past Saturday, Gerry and Shaylene were able to see one another again. They attended the reggae concert, hosting the group MAGIC!, that was offered as part of the Peterborough Musicfest lineup.

In was indeed a MAGIC time. Shaylene met a friend she went to school with in Minden and had not seen for over 10 years. Once they found one another at the concert they were inseparable, and were texting one another the whole trip home.

Reggae is Gerry’s absolute favorite style of music. He was so busy cheering for his favourite songs – which was most of them – that he barely sat down! As people left the park, Gerry thanked them for coming out, wishing them a wonderful rest of their evening and connecting with as many as he could. His sincere greetings truly touched people. Indeed, a kind word never goes unappreciated. (Anyone know if Walmart will be making their way to Haliburton soon? I think we have their greeter ready to report for duty!)  🙂

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