BEST (Best Ever Self-Advocates Team)

B.E.S.T. stands for Best Ever Self-Advocates Team. The word self-advocate is used to describe people living with a developmental disability who speak for themselves. Some people may need support to express their wishes.

The members of the BEST team are a voice for people who live with a developmental disability. We work together to make sure that Community Living Trent Highlands is aware of the needs and wishes of the people they serve and support.

As members of the BEST team, we:

  • Make sure that all people supported by Community Living Trent Highlands are actively involved in the decisions that affects their lives.
  • Discuss and make suggestions for Community Living Trent Highlands on policies, procedures and issues that affect people supported.
  • Work within sub-groups whose members look at specific issues about the rights, needs and interests of Self-Advocates / people supported by Community Living Trent Highlands.
  • Take part in training to become the Self-Advocates that we can be.
  • Attend monthly meetings, stay informed and communicate with the Board of Directors at CLTH.
  • Participate in community awareness and fundraising events.
  • Volunteer in the community.


Dwight McDonald
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