Artful Appreciation – Thank You, Ellen Cowie

We are so grateful for the enthusiasm and passion of Ellen Cowie in bringing Art for Autism to Peterborough. The gala in June was a delight of sights, sounds and great food. Ellen’s energy fills each room as much as the art.

Our Wish Fund in Peterborough is a fundamental part of our culture – people who have a dream or need but are on a fixed income can access these funds to help out. A plane ticket to see a long missed brother, a new set of dentures, the course fee for a photography class – these are all examples of what donations to the Wish Fund help to make happen.

Our mission of supporting people to live fuller lives in community is closer to a reality with the support of the wondrous event in support of the Wish Fund. Ellen brings joy to this great cause, and we thank her so much.

To support the wish fund, visit our donation page.

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